Vital - Carlsbad

6102 Avenida Encinas, Suite L Carlsbad, CA 92011

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Bouldering Only

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-Community atmosphere

-Very welcoming and attentive staff

-Very clean and modern

-Kitchenette for anyone's use


-Fairly small

-Very small fitness area

Climbing Facilities

The climbing facilities at this gym get a 3. The gym was very small compared to other gyms with the same pricing. It is solely a bouldering gym and the problems were very creative and well marked. The walls are made from textured plywood, so they were not very good for smearing. I noticed that the holds were very dirty. I do not know if it was because this is a highly popular gym or if it is because they do not change the routes very often. Flooring was high quality with thick foam everywhere. The gym did not have any campus walls or training walls of any type. Overall, it gets a three because it seemed to have slightly lower quality climbing, but still was good enough to get a solid workout

Fitness Area

The fitness area gets a 4. I was very small and compact, but it had lots of weights and options for such a small area. It was also very clean and located in a loft that gave a great view of the rest of the gym.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

This gym gets a 3 for its bathrooms. The gym has one very clean unisex bathroom. The reason this doesn’t get a 1 is because it is the right size for the size of the gym that it is in. I would not have expected a gym of this size to have a full locker room. I would not give this any higher than a three though because it does not compare to the setups at other gyms.


The parking here gets a 5. It was fairly easy to find in the back of an industrial parking lot, so there were plenty of spaces.

General Ambiance

This gym gets a 5 for its general feel and ambiance. First off, the entire gym is one room and is very quiet. There isn’t a reception desk and in the middle of the room is a mini kitchen that people are allowed to use to prepare food and make coffee. It gave the gym a very laid back and calm atmosphere that made for a great workout space. The entire gym had maybe 10 people there when I visited. The staff were super attentive and welcoming and only added to the good vibes.

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