Touchstone - Hollywood Boulders

1107 N Bronson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Bouldering Only

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-Really large and spread out

-Hundreds of different routes

-Amazing Locker room facilities

-Great fitness equipment

-Chill atmosphere


-No campus walls

-Parking is tough

Climbing Facilities

The climbing facilities at this gym get a 4 out of 5. There are so many different walls with all kinds of different slopes and profiles. The walls and holds are all new and high quality with very soft carpeted pads. I did not see any campus boards, but there were hangboards. You could climb here all day and not even see half of the routes.

Fitness Area

The fitness area here gets a 5 out of 5. There are multiple workout areas. One is outside with weights and squat racks with barbells up to 95 lbs outside with two squat racks, pull up bar, and rings. There are also picnic tables outside. Another has two squat racks in front of mirrors with dumbbells up to 80lbs. Above the indoor weights area there is a loft with several different pieces of cardio equipment including treadmills, a stairmaster, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and ellipticals.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The locker rooms get a 5 out of 5. They are spacious and immaculately clean with showers and a sauna. They also offer a free towel service.


The parking gets a 2 out of 5. The parking lot is very small, so you will probably end up parking on the street. The surrounding area is not very nice and there are beaten up houses and cars with graffiti. The lot holds about 20 cars and is surrounded in a fence covered in barbed wire.

General Ambiance

This gym gets a 5 out of 5 for it’s ambiance. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. The entire gym felt very calm and relaxing I think because of all of the carpeted foam. The gym is also open to the outside, so it feels much cleaner because there isn’t as much chalk in the air. There is a small area on the loft near the reception desk where there are stools and a ledge to use the wifi and get some work done. Additionally, the inside has a very retro feel with lots of bright colors painted on everything.There's a little shop area with shoes, shirts, and tanks.

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