Sender One Climbing LAX

11220 Hindry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Top Rope, Lead Climbing, and Bouldering

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-60 ft climbing walls. Tallest walls in SoCAL

-Large fitness area

-Offers many climbing classes

-Offers yoga and workout classes

-Really nice locker rooms

-Route refresh weekly


-Parking lot is usually full

-No Sauna

-Lots of kids running around

-Competitions shut down the gym

Climbing Facilities

Sender One has all types of climbing. It is great for bouldering, top roping, lead climbing and occasionally there is even a speed climbing wall set up. The bouldering area has many different angles including walls that are just barely vertical, completely overhanging and everything in between. The climbing walls are about 60ft tall making them the tallest in LA County and creating an excellent environment for top roping and lead climbing. In addition, there are multiple campus walls, a moon board, and multiple hangboards with hooks and weights to train with weight. All the walls are constructed with Walltopia panels and are very high quality so all surfaces are rough and let you smear on the walls. All routes are marked by holds of a single color with the start hold marked with a single tag stating the name, color, grade, date it was set and the initials of the setter. All the holds are very high quality, and routes are switched out on a weekly basis. Each individual route may remain on the wall for up to 4-8 weeks depending on different events happening at the gym. The floors in the bouldering area are 12” padding with continuous rubber cover. It is very nice to fall on, but dusty. The flooring in the climbing area is soft, but not something you would want to fall on from more than 5ft up the wall.

Fitness Area

The fitness area at Sender One LAX is near the entrance to the gym. It includes one large yoga studio and a weight/ cardio room. The weight area has multiple treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles and rowing machines. There are multiple squat racks and free weights going up to 80 pounds and a vast range of different equipment for specific climbing exercises including a rice bucket, elastic bands, and rollers. One side of the room has full height mirrors and on the ceiling there is a giant fan to keep the entire room cool.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The bathroom facilities are very modern and clean. It includes a large locker room with the option to rent a personal locker for members. There are also multiple showers with free towels and a sauna.


There is limited parking around the perimeter of the building and the rest is street parking. This is probably the only downside to this gym. The parking has been full everytime I have been there and the street parking can be far away.

General Ambiance

The gym always seems fairly loud all the time even when there aren’t a lot of people there. The air feels a little cloudy and not super fresh. It is very bright inside and fairly clean inside. I got the sense that this gym is very professional and safe.

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