Rockreation LA

11866 La Grange Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Top Rope, Lead Climbing, and Bouldering

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-Great fitness area

-Really good vibes

-Compact, but with a lot climbing

-40ft climbing walls


-No sauna or towels

-Holds seemed dirty and slippery

-Kids' birthdays in the middle of climbing area

Climbing Facilities

This gym earns a 4 out 5 for their climbing. They have a fairly well sized top roping and lead climbing area that tops out probably around 30-35 ft, and a solid bouldering area. The bouldering routes are marked with tags that give a range of their grades, ex: v2-v4 and the rope climbs are marked by a tag with the yosemite scale. They also had an awesome traverse around a huge portion of the gym. One down-side was that the holds seem heavily climbed like they haven't changed them out in a while. In the bouldering area there is very thick seamless padding everywhere similar to most modern gyms, but there are a lot of patches in the padding in the bouldering area, so maybe it will be replaced soon. In the rope area they have a blue carpet material with about 5 inches of foam.

Fitness Area

The fitness area gets a full 5 out of 5. It looks like it is fairly new or very well maintained. They have free weights and lots of cardio equipment as well as a ton of climbing specific gear.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The bathrooms get a 4 out of 5 They look newly remodeled and are very clean. They have showers and lockers, but they do not have towels or a sauna.


Parking gets a 4 out of 5. It was very easy to get a space...on the the morning, but it looks like there are only maybe a dozen spots in the lot in front of the gym. I imagine they would run out of spots quickly when it gets busy forcing you to park on the street or somewhere far. I wasn’t there when it was too busy, so I am not going to knock it too hard.

General Ambiance

For ambiance Rockreation LA gets a 4.5. Rockreation is a pretty chill place, there's good music playing, people are friendly and it feels like there is a real community there. The “party room" is just a table in the climbing area, so that means the party is in the middle of everything, and you can hear all the screaming kids all the time, so depending on the type of atmosphere you are looking for, this could be not a big deal at all, or super annoying. The staff were nice, but they stayed behind the counter did not seem to interact with climbers very much. Maybe they were still waking up.

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