Mesa Rim - Mission Valley

405 Camino del Rio S. San Diego, CA 92108

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Top Rope, Lead Climbing, and Bouldering

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-Huge modern gym

-Pristine locker rooms

-Huge parking lot

-Great space upstairs to relax

-Large fitness area

-Seperate kids area


-No specific cons this place is amazing

Climbing Facilities

This gym gets a 5 out 5 for it’s climbing facilities. The bouldering area is fairly large and had some really creative problems. The climbing walls look like they are at least 50ft tall with plenty of options for top roping or lead climbing. There is also a teaching area for new people and two smaller walls upstairs that look like they are for smaller kids. There aren't any top out boulders. Climbs are marked by a tag bolted into the wall with tape to mark the start holds. In addition, there are 3 campus boards and a moonboard. In the bouldering area they have 14" padding with carpet and in the climbing area they have 6" padding with smooth plastic sheeting.

Fitness Area

The fitness area gets a 5 out of 5. The fitness area is very large and is located downstairs between the climbing and bouldering areas. There are squat racks and free weights that go up to at least 80lbs. They also have an assault bike and row machine. Upstairs they have multiple ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bikes that overlook the rest of the gym.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The locker rooms here get a 5 out of 5. There is a single use bathroom downstairs along with the women's locker room and upstairs is the men's locker room. The bathroom was very new, clean and modern with lockers and showers as well as a towel service. The locker room also had a sauna.


Parking here gets a 5 out of 5. There is a huge parking lot next to office buildings so there are plenty of spaces especially after work. The gym itself is near the back of the office park, so you won’t have to worry as much about the office people taking up spaces.

General Ambiance

This gym gets a 5 out of 5 for its ambiance. It is a very calm atmosphere with good music, that isn’t super loud. Upstairs there is an area with tables and chairs to relax and maybe get some work done. It’s got cool climbing pictures on all of the walls, free WiFi and a good sized library on all the climbing and bouldering areas in California. there are plenty of staff here and they all seem pretty chill. There were even two people at the front desk even though I got there at 8am. In addition to all this there is a pretty big gear shop, a ping pong table and a yoga studio with classes everyday of the week.

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