Long Beach Rising

205 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813

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Bouldering Only

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-Amazing locker rooms

-Amazing atmosphere

-Very new, so it is a small community

-Located very close to public transportation stops


-Very small gym for the price

-Parking is tough

Climbing Facilities

This is strictly a bouldering gym without top out walls. The walls are all made from high quality plywood with a roughened surface and are great for smearing. Routes are marked with white cards with the grade and with the same colored holds. Wall slopes range from nearly vertical to as underhangs up to 45 degrees allowing for training of several different types of bouldering techniques. This gym is designed for high quality bouldering training. The flooring in the bouldering area is made from a dark plastic over about 12” foam with very few seams. It is also very clean, but as a disclaimer I do not know if this is typical or if it was only clean because the gym is so new at the time that I visited.

Fitness Area

Adjacent to the bouldering area is a small fitness room. The fitness room had a few cardio machines and free weights. It is great for warming up before climbing, but in its present state it does not seem like a place to go for a full workout. In addition to the fitness room itself, there are two yoga studios, two campus walls and a moon board that can all be accessed from the foyer.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The locker room is imaculate. It is very clean and modern with showers, lockers and a sauna. They also have a towel service for members and guests. This is a huge reason for why this is a great place to go after work.


Parking is pretty tough, there is a close by lot that is okay to use sometimes of the day, but has time restrictions. The rest of the parking is street parking. It is also one of the only gyms I have seen that has a light rail line that passes by very close, so parking could be a non-issue if you choose to use public transportation.

General Ambiance

This gym seems like an awesome place to go after work to get a good workout and hangout. It has a very modern hipstery vibe with its coffee vendor right when you walk in. The boudering area is sunk down lower than the entrance floor, so it sets it apart from the rest of the space, and kind of makes the bouldering area feel like its own nook. The staff were really friendly and gave me a tour of the place and we had a small conversation. It is very clear that they are all very passionate about climbing itself and forming a climbing community in Long Beach.

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