Hangar 18 - San Clemente

1031 Calle Trepadora unit a, San Clemente, CA 92673

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Bouldering Only

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-Very cheap

-Not crowded


-Slippery old holds

-Very small gym

-Older gym

Climbing Facilities

This gym gets a 3 out of 5 for its climbing experience. This place is only for bouldering and there is a small campus wall. Routes are all topout and marked with similarly colored rocks with a white card with a small colored dot to show the difficulty. The walls are sort of a rough and slippery surface. Seems like the walls are painted and have very little texture for smearing. The flooring is a thick canvas material over foam it felt a bit more firm than other places and was definitely very worn.. This place gets a 3 out of 5 because it has good routes, but the holds and wall surfaces are slippery and difficult to climb.

Fitness Area

1 out of 5. There isn't a designated fitness area, but there is room do some body weight exercises..

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The bathroom gets a 3 out of 5. There is a one person bathroom for men and one for women. The bathrooms are clean but they seem fairly old and run down. The floors are painted concrete but the paint or vinyl is chipping and there are stains everywhere. This gym is not big enough to have giant locker rooms, so this bathroom is sufficient. It does not get below a 3 because it was clean and still worked well.


They get a 4 out of 5 for parking. The place is a little hard to find if you use Google maps. There aren't any big signs. It is located in a business warehouse area like most climbing gyms, so the lot is small, but I imagine it isn't hard to find more parking in a different nearby lot.

General Ambiance

For ambiance, this gym gets a 3. The gym feels very small. There was one staff guy there behind the counter. He seemed fine, but then he yelled at a little kid for climbing a tiny bit up a pole in the lobby area. Didn't seem like he enjoyed his job too much. Then he gave a bunch of instructions to new people coming in and he seemed nice enough. There is a small gear shop, but it's really just some T-shirts and bags. There is a set of rings at the top of the bouldering walls. There is a yoga studio in a mezzanine above the lobby. They only sold one type of snack that was sort of expensive.

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