Boulderdash - San Fernando Valley

19801 Nordhoff Pl #110, Chatsworth, CA 91311

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Top Rope, Lead Climbing, and Bouldering

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-Very large and spread out

-Great laid back atmosphere

-Quality climbing

-Lots of workout equipment

-All types of training equipment


-Slightly older gym

-Small parking lot

Climbing Facilities

The climbing facilities here get a solid 4.5. The only reason it does not get a full 5 is because the walls are made from a texture coated plywood, so it is a little older and not quite as grippy as the newer gyms, but is still high quality, and the bouldering foam must be dragged around depending on where you decide to go. One thing I found at this gym that is not found at many others was an awesome super long traverse with wooden holds. Because I was there alone, I only bouldered, but the different problems felt fairly well rated. They have both bouldering and climbing with lead routes as well as a pillar to practice crack climbing. Routes are designated with a color and a white card with the name, setter, date set, and grade.

Fitness Area

The fitness setup here gets a 4. It was sort of spread out and definitely added as an after thought because there is different equipment spread out all over the gym. They have a treadmill, row machine and stationary bikes. For weights they just have a rack of free weights and a machine to do leg lifts. There are also kettle bells and a bench. It was enough equipment for a few people at a time to do a good workout.

Locker Rooms/ Bathrooms

The bathroom facilities at the gym get a 4. They have changing rooms with lockers and separately. They have immaculately clean restrooms.


The parking here gets a 4. Parking seems like it could be a bit crowded. Because the lot in front of the gym was very small, but it looked like there were a lot of options that were just further away. It's hard to tell since my visit was at 1:30 in the afternoon.

General Ambiance

The ambiance here gets a 5. There was good upbeat music playing. The gym smelled fresh and clean inside and the whole gym felt clean in general. Whole gym has only two benches, so I imagine people would be sitting and chatting at busy times of the day. The staff there was one super chill guy with a white beard. A unique thing about this gym was that they allowed bouldering on all of the walls; there were no restrictions on where you could or could not boulder. There are signs scattered throughout the gym that reminded people to spot each other to avoid collisions between climbers and boulderers. There is also a nice open space in the front lobby with . Also looks like they have fitness rooms for yoga and gymnastics.

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